Star Wars Model Kits for Fans of All Ages

Star Wars Model Kits for Fans of All Ages

The spaceship is one of the most iconic parts of Star Wars, everyone can know a tie fighter, X-Wing or Star Destroyer, and with such great ship designs, people want to own the actual versions of the ships.

Over the years, several figures and drama series have been released to capture these designs. But there is something to be said for building your own boat.

And we’re not talking about the Lego set. (Though they look really cool), but they are a complete set of models who try to recreate the battleships, as they appear in the film.

Model kits can vary in complexity and price, and there are many options. So whether you’re brand new to the model kit or you’ve been building for years, we’ve rounded up the best kits we can find for fans of all ages and experience levels.

For young builders and beginners

More complex kits may require tools, paint, and even work with metal. Before we get into those things, we want to focus on Travels Kits, which are mostly aimed at children and beginners.

These kits are easy to assemble, made of materials that are safe and still look good.

Revell Snaptite Millennium Falcon ($ 22): The easiest way to make your own Millennium Falcon, is to put just 19 pieces together. You also have some fun extra features, such as an engine that lights up and some “action sound” such as sailing.

Revel Snappite X-Wing ($ 18): Based on Poe’s X-Wing from The Force Awakens, this faithful model made a deal with a folding wing, an open cockpit, and a BB-8 and kit with PO Demeron.

Revel Build and Play Tie Silencer ($ 19): Not only does this awesome fighter look great, but it also has some additional features such as a bright engine and playable combat sounds. It also comes with a smaller Kylo Ren body to drive the boat.

Moderate difficulty

These kits step in considerable sophistication. Now, construction has more than just breaking parts together. But instead a different connection method is required. Of course, you can get more detailed models to do this. There are two major brands that make kits at this level: Bandai Hobby and Fascination.

Bandai Hobby is a well-known model kit manufacturer and has been making Star Wars kits for years. The kit is made of molded plastic and the most accurate details are available today, simplifying the manufacturing process. You may need to cut parts to connect them properly. But easily done with a razor or box knife.

Fascination kits are all-metal versions. The parts are attached to tabs which must bend in place with tweezers. All the finished builds look great and come with a wide selection of kits.

Bandai Hobby X-Wing ($ 26- $ 30): A highly detailed X-Wing with options. You can get it in red ($ 30), blue ($ 26), green ($ 30), and orange ($ 30). All options have been tried and come together for the accuracy of the film. With a stand to show new pride and joy

Bandai Hobby A-Wing ($ 28): The A-Wing’s round design is properly implemented with this kit – including the Death Star laser turret for some costumes.

Fellow Hobby Tie Series Fighters ($ 23- $ 35): Tie Fighter ($ 23), Tie Interceptor ($ 28), and Tie Advanced X1 ($ 35) have minimal designs perfectly captured in these kits. All three also come with a stand painted with a Death Star design, and also feature laser engraving that can be attached to the ship’s cannon for one final touch.

Bandai Hobby Slave I ($ 36): Looking at the weather at The Empire Strikes Back, this version of Boba Fate’s iconic boat is the perfect one. It also includes a Boba Fett figure for the cockpit. You can display it vertically in flight using a display stand or flatten it like a landing machine.

Bandai Hobby 1/144 scale Millennium Falcon ($ 75): Based on the presence of the Millennium Falcon in The Force Awakens, this model retains all of the important details of the Falcon in its entirety. The rear engine will be lighter and will also feature figures from Ray, Fin, Han Solo and Chewabeca for the cockpit. Bandai Hobby also has this version for The Last Jedi.

Enthusiast level

These are sets that take time, effort and usually money. These kits may not be cheap. But when it is done, it is the most impressive Star Wars item any fan can have.

Bandai Perfect Grade 1/72 Scale Millennium Falcon ($ 420): The Millennium Falcon model that will rule them all. This is the most accurate real-life version of Falcon that you can adopt.

Based on detailed research into the actual models used in the filming of A New Hope, this 19-inch model includes iconic ships, LED lights to cockpits, engines and landing gear, and sets include Han, Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, Figures for Obi-Wan and C-3PO are included. Please note that you need to paint yourself, which will take some time.

Star Wars Model Kits for Fans of All Ages

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